Mix of The Day | PULS/E | MyCityByNight Exclusive

Mix of The Day | PULS/E | MyCityByNight Exclusive


PULS/E is the new project of Cape Town-based producer and DJ, Anshul Pattundeen. Originally from Durban, the young artist began his musical career at the age of 16, progressing from deep house to darker melodic techno. At the age of 17, he began releasing on respectable techno labels such as ‘Infinite Depth’ and ‘Aftertech Records’ while performing at multiple clubs on the Durban nightlife circuit.

Currently manufacturing his own unique sound characterized by dark ethereal melodies, this up and coming artist seeks to make his mark in the techno-culture and establish himself as one of South Africa’s most promising techno producers.

Today PULS/E presents an exclusive hour and a half blend of “etherealism, underground melodic patterns and acidic landscapes” as our ‘Mix of The Day.’ Turn up and enjoy!

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