Mix of the Day | Nick Grater @ THO Asylum

Nick Grater has been a stalwart powerhouse of the techno industry in South Africa for more than a decade. As with any DJ, his career began humbly with a simple residence at Atomic in Johannesburg. From these humble beginnings rose a force to be reckoned with. Nick has almost single-handedly kept the techno scene rolling forward in South Africa like an unstoppable steamroller of beats. As a firm believer in underground purism, Nick is recognized as one of the top techno performers in the country and a proud ambassador for this genre overseas. His intelligent, energetic, hard, driving style has secured him a reputation as one of the finest and most technically adept DJ/producers in South Africa.

Hit play below and enjoy this mix Nick Grater played at The Harder Option.┬áIf you’re enjoying it, feel free to share this mix for the love of TECHNO.

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