Mix of the Day | Nick Grater At Revolution 2018/19

Mix of the Day | Nick Grater At Revolution 2018/19

Mix of the Day | Nick Grater At Revolution 2018/19Nick Grater has been a stalwart powerhouse of the techno industry in South Africa for more than a decade. As with any  DJ, his career began humbly with a simple residence at Atomic in Johannesburg. From these humble beginnings rose a force to be reckoned with. Nick has almost single-handedly kept the techno scene rolling forward in South Africa like an unstoppable steamroller of beats. As a firm believer in underground purism, Nick is recognized as one of the top techno performers in the country and a proud ambassador for this genre overseas. His intelligent, energetic, hard, driving style has secured him a reputation as one of the finest and most technically adept DJ/producers in South Africa.

Nick has played alongside top international DJ’s Joseph Capriati, Wehbba, Luigi Madonna, Victor Ruiz, Christian Smith, Alex Stein, Alberto Ruiz, Oliver Huntemann, Hollen, Khainz, Industrialyzer, Olivier Giacamatto, Chris Liberator, D.A.V.E The Drummer, to name a few.

Nick’s overriding passion and enthusiasm for techno, have secured its future in South Africa. Known countrywide by punter, producer, promoter, club owner and DJ alike, Nick commands respect both in his achievements behind the decks and behind the scenes. Nick is a true pioneer and ambassador of the underground electronic dance movement and more specifically the techno genre.

Soundcloud: here

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