Mix of the Day | MyCityByNight Exclusive | Scibar

Be it rolling, base-driven beats or banging headboard sex music, it is all about the journey for Scibar when he’s behind the decks. His love for music has always been about taking you on this journey & although through the years his sound has changed and adapted he’s always remained true to himself and the stompers – taking them on a unique bass-driven journey of the sounds he loves. He’s recently been signed to Nexus Media – so you can just imagine where this mix is going already.

“2019 has been an incredible year for my Scibar act. My highlight has to be, being singed to neXus media, and having my first track (The Beginning) released on Beatport. I cannot begin to describe the joy that gave me. Hearing your own music out in a club and seeing it online is mind-blowing. I really hope you enjoy the selection of my favourite tracks I have put together in this mix exclusively for MyCityByNight!”


1.Ticon, Gaudium – Clear Skies (Original Mix)
2.Cosmic Tone, Marcus – Big Bang (Original Mix)
3.Materia, Escape (UK) – On Sequence (Original Mix)
4.Mechanimal – Paradigm Shift (James West Remix)
5.Freak Control – Northern Lights (Original Mix)
6.The Prodigy – Firestarter (Deliriant Remix)
7.Menog – Kikkarapyllyt (Original Mix)
8.Alpha Portal – Acid Rain (Original Mix)
9.Priest CT – The Origin ( MASTER )
10.SpaceNoiZe – Area 52 (Original Mix)
11.Will Atkinson – Autobahn (Volcano On Mars Extended Remix)
12.Electro Mind – Aliens Contact ( MASTER )
13.Laughing Buddha, Killerwatts – Nature of Reality (Tron Remix)
14.Mekkanikka – Strangest Secret (Original Mix)
15.Scibar_The Beginning (Original Mix)
16.Nxa – Hide In The Galaxy (Life Extension Remix)

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