Mix of the Day | MyCityByNight Exclusive | Sam Mkhize

The latest MyCityByNight Exclusive mix comes from one of South Africa's hottest producers right now: Sam Mkhize

Mix of the Day | MyCityByNight Exclusive | Sam Mkhize

Two years after ‘Vice’, Sam Mkhize has worked to develop his own distinctive sound – a vibe wedged between tech house and bass house, and this mix showcases just that. Primarily featuring his most recent production, some of which are yet to be released; here is his exclusive MyCityByNight mix.

1. Sam Mkhize – Zlatan (Original Mix) [Art Department Records]
2. Sam Mkhize – Gotham (Original Mix) [Unreleased]
3. Sam Mkhize – Give Up On Love (Original Mix) [Audiophile XXL/ Unreleased]
4. Sam Mkhize – Who Got It (Original Mix) [House Of Bangerz]
5. Sam Mkhize – Bermuda (Original Mix) [Do Work Records]
6. Sam Mkhize – Grimmjow (Original Mix) [House Of Bangerz]
7. Mi Casa – Nana (Sam Mkhize Remix)
8. Camelphat & Elderbrook – Cola (Sam Mkhize Version)
9. deadmau5 – Strobe (Sam Mkhize Version)
10. Sam Mkhize – Pop! (VIP Mix)
11. Kyle Watson – That’s Kinda Wavy (Original Mix) [This Ain’t Bristol]
12. Jayms – Necklace (TommyV Remix) [Unreleased]

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