Mix of the Day | MyCityByNight Exclusive | Rose Bonica LIVE set

In 2016 Rose Bonica delved into music, mentored by her partner Big Space, she set out to become a full-time producer in the time of DJ’s and cholera. Her first track ‘Let’s Get Married’ which was featured on the Jumping Back Slash Show on Radar Radio. Her first release on the Wet Dreams Recordings compilation “Work Not Hype” has her amongst heavyweights such as Altered Natives, Jumping Back Slash and Big Space.


00:00 Disjointed A2

08:00 Please Don’t Tell Me To Relax

15:00 Its A Whale of A Time

20:00 I Was Trying To Be Sincere

27:00 Regular

32:00 Have You Seen The Cats

38:00 No One Will Love You Like Your Parents Do

42:00 Disjointed A1 ft. Jonathan Ferreira

46:00 Roast Potatoes

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