Mix of the Day | MyCityByNight Exclusive | Karoo


Mix of the Day | MyCityByNight Exclusive | Karoo

#ME030 – @karoosound

“An hour-long collection of some of my favourite melodic house and techno tracks, featuring summer like grooves and sustained basslines. Ideal for a sunset warm-up or evening crossover”


1. Lost Miracle (Original Mix) – Sebasiten Leger
2. Serenade (Original Mix) – Einmusik
3. Crave Dave (Original Mix) – Kotelett & Zadak
4. Thinking of You feat. Camilla Safiya (Serge Devant’s Floor Cut)) – Serge Devant
5. Green Belt (Original Mix) – Solanca
6. Fixing Fires Feat Archivist (Maya Jane Coles Remix) – Edu Imbernon
7. Metope (Original Mix) – Chris Robins, Jonas Saalbach
8. Ngithanda feat. Samthing Soweto (Ryan Murgatroyd’s Midnight Edit) – Samthing Soweto, Bantwanas
9. Belladonna (Original Mix) – Solanca
10. MuyA (Black Coffee Remix) – &ME, Rampa, Adam Port
11. Jana (Original Mix) – Quatri (FR)


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