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Hotel is a musician, producer, songwriter, DJ and a seed of this earth making music from Cape Town, South Africa.

A rising star at the Bridges Academy in Langa, under the guidance of Bridges for Music & Nando’s, where young, talented students can pursue their creative dreams, develop their skills and share their passion for music among other art forms. The curriculum goes beyond music and incorporates entrepreneurial training and a mindfulness program providing a cutting-edge approach to creative education.


1. Andreas Balicki – ID3
2. Chronical Deep – Middle Aged Man
3. Julian Gomes – Control (feat. Jinadu)
4. Lukas bohlender- club chateau
5. &Me – The Rapture
6. Darque & Da capo – Yauna (Feat. idd Aziz)
7. Stimming – Symphorine
8. Ian Pooley – kids (Stimming Remix)
9. Buddynice – tribute to da Capo (Afro mix)
10. Big AL & Christos Fourkis – A dream in Bali (feat. Sha’aban yahya) (Cee Elassaad Voodoo Remix)
11. Dan Buri – Isaan rain Calls
12. Tony loreto, Naya Douka – Oh Woman Oh man
13. Stereocalypse – Blue Dome Escargot
14. Kususa – Inkinobo
15. Oxygenbuntu & Tick Tock – Zulu kaMalandela
16. Agoria feat. Noemie – Remedy (Manoo Remix)



Hotel started producing music in high school using Fruity Loops as a hobby and soon after realized the power that music has to change the world. He continued to sharpen and improve his skill, even while he was at varsity studying Law.

His sound is a mixture of Afro House, Techno and electro house music. He has released two Ep’s, triple effect volume 1 and volume 2 under his former stage name of Matshiyane while signed to XVK Entertainment. In addition, he has worked with several other artists and released a series of DJ mixes tilted the Nikaffect.

Hotel has also been featured several times on the 5 FM Ultimix, as well as The Raveyard show hosted by Das Kapital.

His music style can be described as Fusion House, as it embodies all the different types of house music that inspires him. His music is quite dynamic in that way. It cannot be put in one single box or be described as a particular type of house music.

Furthermore, Hotel has had the opportunity of travelling to London for a music conference sponsored by Nando’s after he was select from hundreds of applicants that had submitted their music. His music was described as an exciting wave of freedom and excitement.

Hotel is currently working on his third Ep named Remember, which compresses 3 house tracks of which he has produced and written himself. Hotel is currently based in Cape Town, South Africa.

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