Mix of the Day | MyCityByNight Exclusive | Faretrade

Get lost in this 3-hour MyCityByNight Exclusive journey by Faretrade

Mix of the Day | MyCityByNight Exclusive | Faretrade

Most intrigued by the meditative and psycho-acoustic elements of techno, Faretrade tells a 3 hour story that traverses ambient, dubby, deep, and pulsating techno, with a dark, emotional character. Included are two alternate cuts of his own tracks, available for free download on his SoundCloud.


Minnen Av Morfar – D.A.R.F.D.H.S
Platforms Surrounded By Fences (EU Cut) – Varg
Horizontal Boundaries – CA2+
130.04 – Observer
Time Machine Escape – Der Amethyst
Plunge – Roebin De Freitas
Back To My Self – Stanislav Tolkachev
421.1.1 (Alternate Cut) – Faretrade
Active Trigger – Invite
Aquatic – Invite
Senseless – Triames
They Were – Mike Storm
Stance – Serenace
Unvulnerable Prototype – Giorgio Gigli
Brokat – Cio D’or
Droning – Samuli Kemppi
Deep Planes of Emotions – Mind Static
Kuolonkellot – Juho Kahilainen
Through The Lights – Claudio PR
Weldiya 1 – Adbdulla Rashit
Of Water And The Spirit – Abdulla Rashim
Walfisch – Roman Poncet
Massilia (Hertz Collision Remix) – Triames
Vary – Markus Suckut
Tri-City – Perf
The Thaumaturgist (Exium Remix) – Michaelangelo
Surprise – Antony Doria
Ardent – Kangding Ray
Shibu – Jonas Kopp
Lunar Sunset – Modeo
Laufen – Lokodepo
Internal Fall – Abdulla Rashim
Dämmerung – Lokodepo
Sststsstsst – Shxcxchxcsh
Lake Shore Dive – Faretrade
Pain – Chris von B.
Patience 03 – Animatek
Desaft – Elktrabel
Mostly Harmless – Stanislav Tolkachev
Masquerade – Vertical Spectrum
Microorganism – Human Insect
Tracking – Triames
Seber – Plaster

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