Mix of the Day | MyCityByNight Exclusive | Dylan Munro

Today's MyCityByNight Exclusive comes from Dylan Munro. Enjoy!

Mix of the Day | MyCityByNight Exclusive | Dylan Munro

“This mix brings together a combination of my influences, kept at a low tempo to create a flow and groove unique to my sound. I experimented whilst recording the mix by making longer transitions & using different effects & filters. I have combined different sounds ranging from deep house to tribal techno, all slowed down to 106bpm.”

Track List:

1: Dubelu & Philip Chedid – Akasha
2: Philip Chedid & Dubelu – Seraphim
3: Juanma Salinas, Mayiia, & San Miguel – Naturaleza Viva (San Miguel Remix)
4: Kapoor & Indygo – El Arte De Seduccion
5: Elfenberg – Shere Khan
6: Larose & Josef Music – Light (Bonaca Remix)
7: Mercan Dede – The Awakening (Toulouse Edit)



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