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The original XiFi project, realized over a 4-year process, saw Invizable square up with some of the best in the game. Trumpeter Lee Thomson blew rigged horn lines into Mix n Blend’s Kevin Ribbans, who then yielded control over to Mr Cat. Elsewhere, Yolanda Fyrus and Dubmasta China could be found doing the skank and the boogey to iced-out reggae and lekka ethereal blues.

XiFi RMXD steps up its progenitor’s collaborative zest via fuel provided by the fledgling Bae Electronica imprint, which has resulted in a retake on select Invizable-commissioned cuts from the original to be cooked up over nine songs by producers from Mzansi to Paris.

Antelope’s jazzier elements are teased and stretched out into a full-blown lo-fi orchestral enterprise by Zain Wolf; RMBO’s tavern turn up removes Intliziyo Yam from its Techno reaches and lands it onto pimped out Kwaito territory; Mhlaba Ne Zulu, a dubbed-out affair featuring the rubble-rousing BCUC troupe, crosses paths with Matthew Loots’ Tech House embellishments, while Bae Electronica affiliate Thandi Draai’s re-work of Nonkala presents a taste of the producer, deejay and vocalist’s first foray into remixing.

// Track listing //

DJ inviZAble feat Yolanda Fyrus “intliziyo Yam” (RMBO Remix)
DJ inviZAble feat. Yolanda Fyrus “Nonkala” (Thandi Draai Remix)
DJ inviZAble feat. BCUC “Mhlaba ne Zulu” (Argento Dust Remix)
DJ inviZAble feat. Yolanda Fyrus “Intliziyo Yam” (Lazy Flow’s Remix)
DJ inviZAble feat. Yolanda Fyrus “Nonkala” (Cornelius Remix)
DJ inviZAble feat. Yolanda Fyrus “Nonkala” (Hanna Hais |Remix) – bonus track
DJ inviZAble feat. BCUC “Mhlaba ne Zulu” (Matthew Loots Remix)
DJ inviZAble feat. Yolanda Fyrus “iThongo Lam” (Fosta’s Remix)
DJ inviZAble feat. BCUC “Mhlaba ne Zulu” (Deep Aztec’s Remix)
DJ inviZAble feat. Matinino (Zain Wolf Remix)

For all press related questions, please contact jon@invizable.co.za or jackiequeensza@gmail.com

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