Mix of the Day | MyCityByNight Exclusive | BRAINSTORM

Cape Town Duo Brainstorm Smash their MyCityByNight Exclusive Session

Both Rafiek (21) and Hakeem (20) are studying sound engineering together in Cape Town, South Africa, where they have gained tremendous amount of production and studio experience. Currently signed to Wolf Pack Records (South Africa), Intense Sounds Records (Mexico), Monokol Records (Israel) and on the roster of CP Bookings, a booking agency in Brazil! Within 3 years Brainstorm have produced 10 tracks in total. With ton of more strategic releases on its way, including collaborations with international artists from Brazil, Austria & Switzerland, this fast rising psychedelic day-time project, with unique complex prog bass lines and harmonic mixing style will be sure to have your heart racing and ears at awe.

“Here is a showcase of but a few of our favorite artists and friends around the globe, which has given us inspiration and advice to continue making music that is felt rather than heard – We present to you an unique style of progressive trance, along with melodic progression throughout the mix!”


Earphonic – Mockingjay
PhaZed – Emotions
All In One – Sonzira
Vegas – Reflected
Cosmic Energy – Concept
Capslock & Mars Attrack
All In One ft Codfish – Beatbox
Nobody Knows – Not Today
Energetic Soul & Vindaloop – Jar8n
PhaZed & Brainstorm – Mangalan (unreleased)


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