Mix of the Day | Maximilian – Feeling Flow

Founder of With You Festival and Into The Wild Experience, Max plays an integral part in the Cape Town electronic music scene. Creating so many unique festivals and events over the last 10 years, with a strict ‘good music only’ policy and a firm believer of ‘quality over quantity’, he has created a ‘cult-like’ following with his event productions.

With over 12 years of djing and music production experience and a massive love for house and techno – he mesmerises dancefloors every time he gets onto the decks.

He recently collaborated with Deadbeat FM for an original track release on Perfect Stranger’s label, Digital Structures, with more original tracks on the way, he’s one to look out for.

At times like these the power of tuning into music that makes you feel good is one of the best tools we have to stay positive. With that in mind I just finished up a recording for FEELING FLOW, a charity providing food packs from local farms in the Western Cape to communities and families in need. They ask listeners to donate voluntarily to the cause – for the price of one meal in a restaurant a donation can feed a whole family for a week at R128 per donation. Check out their website for details on how the FOOD FLOW project works as well as a list of all partners. Click through to the mix and you will find all the relevant links there too. I had a lot of fun recording this. I hope you enjoy.

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