Mix of the Day | Kaoss Kontrol | SUMMER SPECIAL

Josh Dagleish AKA Kaoss Kontrol is an X7M records & Mansion Records label DJ based in Johannesburg South Africa. Inspired by psychedelic insights, he creates and mixes music which connects with people on a primal level.

Nature makes order out of chaos through its consciousness. The Kaoss Kontrol philosophy is to harness the chaotic energy of the dancefloor and transform it into transcendental experiences, all through the careful manipulation of musical vibrations. Combining tribal prog-psy rhythms and the driving power of full-on, Kaoss Kontrol provides pumping high energy beats that resonate with the sounds of the earth.

He has now performed at high profile outdoor events as Kaoss Kontrol including the epic Tswaing Crater Gatherings, Moksha, Earthdance Joburg, Twilight and the massive New Years Revolution just to mention a few and more recently went on a tour of the Cape Town indoor psytrance scene…

Kaoss Kontrol made this appreciation mix for reaching 2,000 fans and immediately sent it our way. Turn up the volume and enjoy.

Follow his Soundcloud: here

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