Mix of the Day | Kanan K7 at Bazique Festival 2020

Hailing from Curitiba, Brazil Thiago Kanan, aka Kanan K7, has spent the last 17 years turning a fascination with underground dance music into a way of life. A sought after DJ and promoter Thiago has travelled the world playing gigs at clubs and festivals in 15 countries. However, his passion for beats, kicks and hi-hats began long before he discovered electronic music.

The son of a professional drummer he grew up behind a drum set before picking up an electric guitar at the age of 12. It was these instruments, combined with a natural dislike for authority led him to Punk Rock and he spent years as part of various bands. In 1998 however, all of that changed. While travelling the USA Thiago ended up at an electronic music event by accident and the rest, as they say, is history.

After the festival, before flying home to Brazil, he went into a music store and emerged with an arm full of Electro, Breaks, House and other electronic albums. He then spent the next while, in his own words, “trying to convince my punk rock friends that this was the music of the future”. It’s funny that at the time he had no idea that this music would become his future.

Later that same year he got hold of his first set of turntables and set himself on the path to where he is today. A path that has seen him travel the world, settle in The United Kingdom, Denmark and South Africa and become fluent in three languages including Spanish, Portuguese and English.

He says that the experiences he’s had while on this path translate into the style of music he plays. And the world has noticed. So far he’s had the opportunity to play at high profile venues such as Space Ibiza, Destino, Sysiphos and the Brixton Academy. He’s also opened for some of dance music’s biggest names including Tale Of Us, Guido Shneider and Mark Henning. For him, however, the most rewarding part of playing his style of music is seeing people in the crowd with their eyes closed just listening to the messages it contains. It’s a style that’s impossible to imitate, just like his accent.

Thiago took over the main stage on Saturday night at Bazique Festival in March with an impeccable & trademark one and a half-hour set and he’s just released it for you to enjoy!

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