Mix of the Day: Josh Mac – South African Psy Sessions 001


Josh Mac has just put out an awesome psytrance mix of exclusively South African tracks.

This is the first in a series he plans to do to showcase the awesome producer talent in the Cape Town (and South African) psytrance scene.

Enjoy. It’s a tight selection that moves all the way from 140 – 148 bpm in an hour and 20 mins.

1. Broken Toy – This is Africa
2. Shift – Null & Void
3.Breaker & Itone – Visual Hallucinations
4. Shockwave – Off the grid
5. Liquid Viking – Drop the ball (Unreleased)
6. Headroom – Bob the build up
7. Deliriant – Fallout
8. EMP – Hax
9. Bernz – Proteomics
10. Contrast – The time traveller
11. Qube & Dyce – African’t
12. Deliriant ( Ft. Menog & Iliuchina) – Subatomic Particles
13. Android Spirit – Freedom South Africa
14. Particular – Numbers



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