Mix of the Day | Headroom – Vortex ‘Open Source 2018’ DJ Mix

Cape Town had the pleasure of watching Headroom take them on a 3-hour journey through the realms of psychedelic trance at the Circle of Dreams. Here's his full recording from the event.

Mix of the Day | Headroom - Vortex 'Open Source 2018' DJ Mix


We’ve always been big fans of HEADROOM here at MyCityByNight and we were lucky enough to catch this DJ mix live and in the flesh at the Circle of Dreams in December last year. That event, the venue, the artists and everything always brings together the most beautiful of Cape Town’s psychedelic lovers.

HEADROOM DJ @ Vortex 'Open Source 2018'

Feel the magic of VORTEX TRANCE ADVENTURES – Vortex Open Source 2018 thanks to this slick video from Angelo Weaver & Dale Walters ! :)Enjoy & share if you care 1 <3TRACK ID: HEADROOM – Hnag Ups & Downs (Unreleased until album drop)

Posted by HEADROOM on Friday, 21 December 2018

Headroom had the pleasure of taking us on a 3-hour journey for his set in Riviersonderend and let me tell you something, it did not disappoint in any way. You can tell from the progression as it kicks off slowly that we’re in for a treat, as it progresses into that driving and signature Headroom sound we’ve all become so beautifully customed too.

Enjoy my 3 hr journey recorded live at Vortex ‘Open Source 2018’ in Reviersonderend, Western Cape, South Africa. The mix starts with plenty of drive and attitude, slowly working its way down to deeper, slower rhythms.

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