Mix Of The Day| Headphase – A Change Of Season (1)

A Change Of Season with Headphase gets us ready for the Summer that is about be

We’ve only just recovered from the absolute fun and enjoyment that was We Love Summer in Jozi and to ensure that we keep the vibes only positive right up until the end of the year is a brand new mix from one of our local favourites, Headphase.

One of the smoothest Jozi cats around had this to say about the mix:

Attention all disco dancers, I’ve got a new mix for you! ??

2018 has been crazy. Winter was cold and long, Spring lasted about 2 hours and now it’s already Summer. Thanks a lot, Mother Nature. I’ve put together the first of a mix series that aims to keep up with the pace of this strange phenomena, a change of season. If all goes well, there will be another one and maybe even another one after that. ☀??

Mix number one is all about the heat of Summer. It explores some of my favourite disco cuts all the way from the 80s to current day ?? This one falls into the “not so serious” category, with all the feel-good grooves. Enjoy! ?

Well, what are you waiting for? Make sure you get through the week with the latest offering from your resident disco demon, Headphase

1. D-Train – Music
2. Hot Slot Machine – Rhythm (Young Marco Fix)
3. NY*AK & Franc Syx – Bound
4. Session Victim – Never Forget
5. Lay-Far – Where I’ve Never Been Before (Yet)
6. Adesse Versions – After Hours
7. Slothboogie – Acid Fantasy
8. Nachtbraker – Backstabber
9. Cuthead – Potato Express
10. Joey Negro – Distorting Space Time (Joey Negro Space Funk Mix)
11. Hammer – Love Somebody
12. Mella Dee – Donny’s Groove
13. Mount Liberation Unlimited – Double Dance Lover (Radio Version)
14. The Juan Maclean – Just Once More (Dirt Mix)
15. Brame & Hamo – Roy Keane
16. KH – Question
17. Lemon Jelly – ’75 aka Stay With You
18. The Bamboos – The Wilhelm Scream

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