Mix of the Day | Eric Prydz – EPIC 3.0 (Live @ Madison Square Garden)

eric prydz madison square gardens

Eric Prydz is a master of the craft and is part of the elusive list of dj’s that I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing live before. After seeing some of the footage and listening to the set from his EPIC 3.0 performance at Madison Square Garden, that desire has just gotten a whole lot stronger.

The EPIC 3.0 event was all about the genre and the fact that Eric considers himself to be better performer than most of the dj’s we’re used to seeing pack out venues like the Garden (Steve Aoki?). Apparently each EPIC event that Eric Prydz books, runs at a loss (due to the absolutely insane production value associated with it), which although is not greatly business savvy is really awesome for everyone that manages to get themselves a ticket.

Take 3 hours of your life to pop this set on loud in the headphones and have an awesome day.

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