Mix of the Day | Dylan Munro – Birds of a Feather

Mix of the Day | Dylan Munro - Birds of a Feather


“Birds of a Feather” is a new mix series that combines the nature of both Afro House & Melodic Techno elements. It will be a monthly podcast released by Dylan Munro to engage with his listeners & give them a unique sound to enjoy, whilst diving into a percussive realm of tribal and progressive influences.

From the shadows steps forward an individual who tends to keep to himself in person so that he can let his music do what it needs to do. South African born Dylan Munro is fairly new to the scene in terms of his compatriots he now stands next to but has earned his stripes quite early on making a name for himself and bringing his own unique journey to various floors all over Cape Town. Dylan is an artist that brings an assembly of sound inspirations that uplift the anima & touch one’s psyche. He tantalises those who have a lust for the space that lies between afro house, melodic techno, & electronica. He adapts to the energy of the dance floor, as well as the crowd he plays too, creating a surreal experience for his listeners. His ambient & esoteric track selection makes him an ideal act for keeping the pressure high on the dance floor. He has supported both local & international performances at a range of underground venues across South Africa. Dylan has also had exclusive podcast features on some of Europe’s most respected Music channels and Record Labels such as, Room84, Tanzgemeinschaft, Sweet Space, & Club Mood Vibes, to name a few.

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Rumoured to have the blue-prints for Krang's TechnoDrome, stolen straight from Dimension X, he’s the type of guy who exudes so much coolness that he adds whole countries on Facebook at one time instead of just people. Always up for a party and a Tequila shot or two this is the guy who we always call first, both before and after a night out…


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