Mix of the Day | David Ireton Summer Mix 2018

We’re starting off the year taking in lots of new music here at the MyCityByNight HQ. Looking ahead into 2019, we’re expecting more brilliant local musicians pushing the boundaries, reaching their goals and creating their dreams, so with that being said, we’re excited to see what’s going to happen this year, all we know is that we’re already excited for what’s to come.

We thought 2018 was behind but David Ireton has released his Summer Mix of his favourite tracks from 2018 and it’s very much on point.

This mix will have you spending the next hour going through his favourites, chart toppers, secret finds and 2018 classics that will burn dance floors for years to come, all while taking a trip down 2018’s memory lane. It’s safe to say that this mix is going to be in the MyCityByNight player for weeks to come. (No tracklist)

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