Mix of the Day | 1210 Podcast – MyCityByNight Promo Mix


Mix of the Day | 1210 Podcast – MyCityByNight Promo Mix

The 1210 podcast is a monthly Drum n Bass podcast out of Cape Town, SA. With local and international guests, 1210 Podcasts aim to provide you with the finest in DnB flavours.

This is an exclusive promo mix they did for us, you can follow them on Facebook here: (click here)


Tokyo Prose – Sunsets ft LSB & DRS
Nymfo – Coming Through –
DLR – Bridge the Gap
Beta 2 – 2nd Page ft Steo
DBR UK – Say What You Want ft Amanda Seal
Nymfo – Tower of David
S.P.Y – Mucky Business
Jam Thieves – Gangsta Brown
Villem & Mcleod – Dutch Oven
Noisia – Leopard Slug
A-sides – One DJ
Cern, Nymfo – Proton Pack
Furney – Jah Jah Say
Phase 2 – Time to Go
Dave Shichman, Dave Owen – Tight Polite
Dj Chap – Flash
Break – Duck For Cover
Mystic State – Dust
Boycot – Late Deliveries
Malaky – My dreams
D.side – Ninja Scroll
ALXR – 1998
DLR, Mako, Villem – The Formula
Dabs, Saffire – Back & Forth
BCee – Chameleon (Savage Rehab Remix)
Trex – Loungin’
LSB – Overthinking (Enei Remix)
Subtension – Changes
Ulterior Motive, Krakota – Minesweeper
Break – Steam Train
Dioptrics – Shatter
Sidechain – Grotesque

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