Mix n Blend @ Rocking The Daisies – 2010

Mix n Blend really know how to get a dance floor jamming. They got the mid afternoon set around 3pm on Saturday and while all the new arrivals were making their way to the dance floor, the rest  of the party peeps were all chilling and relaxing – shaking off the previous evenings hangover in the Electro Tent. The dance floor went from chilled to completely mental all over again thanks to the guys from Mix n Blend. They had EJ Von Lyrik on stage with them MC’ing during their set as well, but here is their set from Rocking The Daisies 2010. Keep your eyes and ears open later in the week when we will be previewing a track from the new EP being released in December.

 Mix n Blend Dj Set @ Rocking the Daisies 2010 by mixnblend


1.Dank – The Game Needs Me
2.Opiou – Creamy Taco
3.Mix n Blend – Unnamed
4.Gazelle – Die verlore seun (Mix n Blend Remix)
5.Mix n Blend & Narch – I Got…
6.Rusko – Jahova
7.Mix n Blend – Lost feat. Sindi (Release date 4th dec 2010)
8.Mix n Blend – Narona feat. Bosko (Release date 4th dec 2010)
9.Mix n Blend – Joy feat Crosby (Release date 4th dec 2010)
10. Mix n Blend & Fletcher – Shall we swing feat. Sindi
11. Dawn Penn – No no no
12. Pendulum – The Island Part II
13. Datsik & excision – Swagga
14. Sub Focus – Let the story begin
15. DC Breaks – Halo
16. Prototypes – Cascade
17. Freestylers & Pendulum ft Sir Real – painkiller (noisia remix)
18. Mix n Blend – Tantrum feat. Ej von Lyrik
19. Rusko – Woo boost
20. Sedge Warbler – Octopuss Lover
21. Terry Gilkyson – Bare Necessities

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