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After their set at Synergy, I noticed Kevin from Mix n Blend was parked right behind and we ended up chatting. He let me know about this EP that they have just released. This is the first of a 2 series EP from the guys at Mix n Blend with some very cool collaborations with other local artists. The first EP is called “Joy”.

The first EP features two SICK tracks, which have absolutely blown my mind at both RTD 2010 and Synergy last weekend. Funnily enough, a mate of mine told me about 2 weeks ago that Mix n Blend made a track called Narona featuring Bosko (Bosko is the guy that runs Narona, one of the greatest restaurants in Gardens – CT) and I thought he was joking. I know Bosko has been in a band previously but then you could only imagine my excitement when I saw the track on this EP titled Narona featuring Bosko. It was no joke. This is one seriously sick track. Mix n Blend throw down their trademark, high energy drum n bass along with Bosko playing the guitar through out the track. The sound of the guitar blends so nicely into the fast paced driving drum n bass riffs by Mix n Blend. This is a very nice collaboration! The second track on the EP is another high energised, fast paced drum n bass banger with vocals by Gugulethu’s one and only Crosby. Mix n Blend call this a ‘feel good’ track and I can understand why. I played this song 3 times in a row… Enough of what I think, take a listen for yourself and enjoy!

JOY EP by mixnblend

For those of you that are keen to check them out, they will be dropping these two tracks along with a host of other SLAMMING tunes at Homegrown this weekend. These guys don’t disappoint, their hardwork and energy they put into their sets shows every time they step behind the decks. Both Rocking The Daisies and Synergy were blown away by Mix n Blend and knowing the usual Homegrown styles, they will be taking things to the next level.

Mix n Blend are launching their Dnb Ep (2 *2track EP’s)

The Ep’s are entitled “JOY” and “LOST”

Performing with them on the night will be:

Lee Thomson : Horns and Synth (Hog Hoggidy Hog)
Ross Mc Donald : Horns and Guitar (Hog Hoggidy Hog)
Bosko : Guitar
Sindi : Vocals
Crosby : Vocals

Check out and LIKE the f&#k out of Mix n Blend’s fanpage: (click here)

Hyphen 10:00 11:30
Mix n blend 11:30 – 12:30
SFR 12:30 – 01:30
Counterstrike 01:30 – 03 00
Niskerone 03 00 – 03:45

MC Psyke


OH MY GOODNESS – That line up is an exact replica of Synergy’s Drum n Bass DJs on Friday night. Every single one of the DJ’s excluding Mix n Blend (who killed Saturday) were apart of the mayhem that ensued on that Friday evening. Oh man, this is going to get very crazy.

If you haven’t heard it and feel like getting amped, take a listen to Mix n Blend’s set from Rocking The Daisies 2010

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  1. MixnBlend.. They are really too good at the moment. Synergy, Rocking the Daisies, Homegrown – seen them 3 times and they are really on another level…

    This new EP, its awesome… where can I buy it from?

    1. Dude… They are so f&#king good.

      You so lucky you got to see them at Homegrown, I saw the que and went straight home!!

  2. Thanks alot bro…

    Really keen to see them again… They are seriously so INSANE!!

  3. Hey Guys

    Thanks for the props, gigs are really a 2 way thing, the more you go off, the easier it is for us to go off and take it more mental. Without a crowd who’s up for it, the performer is nothing.

    The EP should be up for sale online this week sometime.
    My suggestion to anyone who doesn’t have a credit card to buy stuff online, is to check out this new UCASH thing.

    All you have to do is go buy a UCASH voucher from pick n pay (Just ask them at the counter where you get airtime/elec etc etc.

    Once you have it, it works as a pre-paid online voucher which you can use to buy most things online.

    Spread the word about this guys, it’ll help change local artists ability to get their stuff out there without having to have a big label behind them.

    1. Yo Kev 🙂

      Shot for dropping by mate…

      That UCash option looks awesome, very cool way for artists to get there records/EPs out there.

      I am going to look into this and most likely do a write up on it, as its the first time i have heard about it.

      Looking forward to seeing MixnBlend at it again SOON Kev…


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