Mix Of The Day| Glitch – TRANSylvania: Redemption Island Live Promo Mix


The Mix of The Day takes a bit of a psytrance twist. Here’s the Glitch – TRANSylvania: Redemption Island Live Promo Mix

Out of the mist it starts to take shape,
an island approaches with the most haunting landscape.
Beauty and opulence as far as the eye can see,
a treasure lies hidden called the Skeleton Key.
A treasure unlike any other, it opens the door to our inner horror.
Where to find it, nobody knows.
The truth is, it is inside us all, hiding in the shadows.
REDEMPTION! REDEMPTION! That is what we seek…
It shows strength my friend, NOT you being weak.
This is the moment, the time has come.
Far in the distance we start to hear the psychedelic beat of a drum.
We all have something of which we should let go:
this is that place brothers and sisters… This is where we grow.
WELCOME to TRANSylvania. WELCOME to Redemption Island!

♋ 웃 유 Σ ⊗ ♒ ☠ ☮ ☯

12.00pm-13:00pm Janx (Independent)
13:00pm-14:00pm Josh Mac
14:00pm-15:00pm Phixius (PsynOpticz Records / Equinox)
15:00pm-16:00pm Psy-Mantis NBM Records
16:00pm-17:00pm DJ D-rANg3D (Equal Records / Dirtybox)
17:00pm-18:00pm Sci Lab-Spectrum/Reboot
18:00pm-19:00pm Plusminus (Independent)
19:00pm-20:30pm Deliriant (Spectral Records)
20.30pm-21:30pm Loophole (Spectrum / Reboot)
21:30pm-22:30pm Spiritual Protocol (Enterprise Records)
22:30pm-23:30pm Sonic Assault (Global Army Music)
23:30pm-00:30am TerraMoon (Independent)
00:30am-02:00am Archive (MMD Records)
02:00am-03:00am Culture Shock (Ultranoize Psy)
***03:00am-04:00am Glitch (One Foot Groove)***
04:00am-05:00am Dj Bruce (Nexus Media) (Spectral Records)
05:00am-06:00am Dazed & Confuzed (Independent)
06:00am-07:30am Plastic Vision (NBM Records/ Ultranoize)
09:00am-10.30am RoomMush (Mental Drop Records)
10:30am-11:30am DAN SCOT (Beartrap SA/Imagine Events)
11:30am–13:00pm Hippie Mafia (Alien Records)
13:00pm-14:30pm DJ Mark (Expo Records)
14:30pm-15:30pm Geometric Flux (Profound Records)
15:30pm-17:00pm Dave Mac

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