Mix of the Day | DJ Archive – Fresh & Filthy Psymedia Live Mix 2017

Mix of the Day | DJ Archive – Fresh & Filthy Psymedia Live Mix 2017

DJ Archive has delivered the Psymedia boys an absolute monster of a mix and it’s available for free download, recorded live from Aggressive Audio, featuring tracks recently released or appearing soon on MMD Records…



1. Omega Flight – Groove Criminal
2. Iron Lotus – Lotus of Sorrow
3. Brain Driver & Jaws Underground – We Have a Problem
4. Qube & Dyce – All Aboard
5. Dark Nebula vs Tantrum – Reality Mirror
6. Iron Lotus & Contrast – Can of Tomato Soup
7. Ex-Gen – Zombification (Omega Flight RMX)
8. Earworm vs Remove – Ear Your Movements
9. TKO – New Loader
10. Mucora – Psychotraficante
11. Iron Lotus vs Dyce – DAW Eternal
12. Mad Science – Happy Accidents
13. Frozen Ghost – Delirious

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  1. Wooohooo!! Finally made “Mix of the Day”, hehe 😀 Big thanks and full support as always MCBN !!

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