Miss Philippines USA contestant gives worst pageant answer ever

Miss Philippines-Earth 2013

We all know the scene – a lovely young beauty strolls out wearing the most dainty of outfits, prepped and ready to make her way through the dreaded question round, only to fail horribly in front of the whole World with her terrible answer. This is exactly what happened at the recent Miss Philippines USA contest, where one of the entrants Joanlia Lising managed to monumentally mess up her answer to what seemed like a fairly simple question.

The judges asked Joanlia which sense she would choose to keep should she only have the option to have one. She looked like she was ready to knock the ball out of the park, even thanking the host for a “wonderful” question, but unfortunately that’s were everything good stopped. Joanlia proceeded to answer the question with more circular logic than a conversation between two stoners who have just nailed 14 bags of reefer, eventually just giving up and bowing out of the round.

I blame the dieting and copious amounts of hairspray.


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