(Misheard Lyrics) Wes – Alane Hit From the Fokken 90s resurrected AGAIN.


All words by Lloyd Newkirk

One of South Africa’s favourite pop/rave/chant/treffer “Alane” by Cameroonian singer Wes (short for Wesley)  has just resurfaced yet again. The popular siren which many of us learned Cameroonian to sing along to it has popped every year since 1995 going platinum with every year that it’s re-released.

This time around the lekker treffer was reshared on the YouTube but this time a remixer took it upon himself  to translate the lyrics into Afrikaans.

I must admit growing up I had no idea this was possible. The language of Cameroon is vastly different to any and many reckon the success of this track can be attributed to fact that so many of us were fortunate to pick up on the language phonetically as KFM and Goodhope FM (Cape Of  Goodhope Brandy’s own radio station) used to blast the fokken tjoon at least 39 times a day.

Anyways, I won’t spoil much but the new version is a fokken stunner, paying homage to the great land of Cameroon and the hidden gem that is Brakpan.

This will knock the sokkies uit van jou Buffalos uit.

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