Mind The Gap! Enter The Station, Bree Street’s New Take on The Underground


When it comes to nightlife options we are really spoiled for choice here in the mother city. We have some of the best bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Capetonians however are always on the lookout for something fresh and different. As if we didn’t get out the house enough.

Enter “The Station on Bree”. An exciting new offering on the beloved turf that is Bree street. Cape Town has become something of a top destination for people traveling from abroad. We’ve been voted as the number one city to visit this last year and it’s no surprise.

Despite our CBD being comparatively smaller than that of other hubs around the world, there’s still so much do here. The Station On Bree will launch this Saturday 15th October bringing with it a unique meeting place that will appeal to the well traveled global citizen as well as to the denizens of Mzanzi.

What’s cool and different about this place you ask? Firstly The Station on Bree is not just a bar. Or a club. Or a meeting place. It’s all of the above. The Station will offer crowds a diverse range of several themed “stations” each with their own vibe and specific detail speaking directly to the heart of the eclectic Capetonian.

Neil Basel, founder and owner in agreeance with his partners said that until now there has never before been a themed venue offering such a diverse range of entertainment in such prime Cape Town real estate. The venue will offer “commuters”  a visceral commuter experience across the many levels and platforms. Everything from a chilled coffee to that of the beloved Cape club experience. The design team have created a hip, colourful and fun environment carrying the theme throughout the venue. Commuters will have the option of train seating, a courtyard bus shelter and of course the Underground dance floor. (We’ve seen the dance floor and it looks like things are going to get a little wild down there)

Passengers are reminded of course to “Mind the Gap” as they journey through the eclectic venue’s various stations. Each station is meant to appeal at different times. You want a pasty on the way to work? Hit the Station! A casual after work drink? 207 Bree Street Platform has got your back. A 4am session. The Underground is yours.

All these choices and there’s still the food. The Station On Bree will offer commuters “Unpretentious Street Food”. Meals and snacks designed to be enjoyed with ease at any time of the day. Finally, the last thing that we love so much here in Cape Town – great music. The Station on Bree will offer a variety of music and DJ’s on what they’re calling the most unusual and best Underground dance floor Cape Town has coming it’s way.

Why is it only Thursday? I’m already thirsty.

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