Miller Rock the Boat Review||Barbara Streisand, Tina Turner, Al Pacino

I’m sad to think that as I’m writing this, many of you reading it, would not have been sailing the seas with us, partaking in what was possibly one of the most epic parties of the year.

Miserable pouring rains in Jozi couldn’t dampen the mood on the way to the airport. Not even the delayed flights.

No better way to start your trip, than sitting at OR Tambo, sipping on some bubbly!

Thank goodness for VIP bands as we arrived at the docks, skipping through what seemed to be, a never-ending queue of excited boat rockers. That in it self easily saved us 3hrs of waiting time!

Finally on board we dropped our bags, put on our Miller hats, and headed to the pool deck. Not to our surprise, the tables and deck chairs were already all taken! No time like the present to work my skills and score us some seats.

Making friends on the Miller boat is SUPER easy. For those testing out single life, ‘no strings attached’ is most definitely on the menu! True to form, Durex provided for both sexes by leaving a perfectly packaged condom and lube on the cabin beds – BE SAFE always!

Everyone is on Caribbean time, and when the horn finally sounded, we were setting sail, well beyond the legal drinking limit and not only were our bodies swaying to the waves lapping against the ship, but also to some marvelous tunes, played by what would be the resident DJ’s for the weekend. The caliber ranked high with the likes of Euphonik, Fresh, Lady Lea, Dean Fuel & co.

Can you spell 24hr Party Boat?

The boat NEVER sleeps.

From music being played on two outside decks, two dance clubs, a casino, golf simulator, basketball court, a gym and live entertainment ranging from Stand-Up comedy graced by the presence of Trevor Noah, Darren Maule and many more, to musical talent. There’s an endless amount of activities to keep your mind occupied – that is, if you ever find all of it!

Most of the time you are so busy socializing, sipping on cocktails, lounging in the pool or deciding which one of the many eating halls to check out, that exploring the ship seems to be a HUGE ask. Find someone, who in a sober state of mind felt adventurous, and ask them to guide you to the set destinations!

The itinerary is never ending, with a line up so long; any ADD kid couldn’t help but be entertained.

I did however discover, that being intoxicated on the boat, definitely assists with any slight sign of motion sickness that could set in. You can spot the sober people by the over exaggerated movements they are making to place their feet in a straight line. In other words, consume as much Millers as your dollars allow you to.

Do yourself a massive favour, make a trip to the Portuguese islands. Even if it means dragging your lazy behind off the deck chairs for a few hours.

Heading over to Inhaca Island, sitting at the ‘Beach Bar’, sipping on a ‘R&R’, snacking on some prawns and basically just taking in the local atmosphere is a total MUST!

White beaches, blue water… a welcomed break from the pumping music and wooden floors of the busy cruise liner.

Miller put together a spectacular show, ending off the Sunday evening with grand performances by the likes of Crash Car Burn, Flash Republic and Prime Circle, just to mention a few.

Our mission before embarking was to have the whole boat singing “Barbara Streisand,” by the time the trip ended – a very catchy tune to say the least, and also one that’s darn tricky to dismiss once you’ve heard it!

Monday morning started off tremendously early, with everyone having to be out of the cabins by 7am sharp!

Nothing brought more of a smile to my face than people walking through the corridors either humming or singing, what would be the theme song for the adventure… Barbara Streisand. Of course we did tweak and change it a few times along the way, so now there are variations of the song.

I think the staff was delighted to see us off! That coupled with some interesting CCTV footage that I’m sure they were anxiously waiting to review.

Somehow some couples thought they could openly indulge without being caught…

For those that missed the boat this year, I recommend you get in line and purchase those tickets as soon as they go on sale.

Not only will you meet the most fascinating people, but also you will have the time of your life!

Even this little Social Whore thought I was going to Rock the Boat… I think the boat rocked me!


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  1. Never been a huge Miller beer fan, find it too gassy, but after this little read, i will be drinking this shit stukkend! Yoh! Cant believe you were tamed! HAHAHAHA! Man we gonna nibble and gobble you when you get to CT. ;D

    1. You’r surprised?
      I was shocked – didn’t think I could be tamed either… but 24hrs non stop tends to catch up at some point!
      Wish I could’ve spent more time in that window… ai!
      Sad it’s over, bring on next year!

      1. I wish you could’ve spent more time in that window too! ;D
        Surprised yes, cos now Cape Town is really going to gobble you up! This place is power, just as any CT local 😀

          1. oh pfft – if you call that flirting, then I need to write a post on that again!!!
            Will start working on that ASAP Ricky 😉

  2. What a cruise… I cannot get used to reality, life on MRTB was the best ever. I had a total of 6hours sleep but didnt even notice… I will be there again for 2011 to see if it could match up to the party of the year 2010…

      1. Thats right- you’ll be seeing a whole lot more of Raven around the halls of MyCityByNight 🙂

  3. plzzzzzz keep me updated with the event. yuuuppp i missed it last year ;( but im defn8ly not missin it dis year!

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