Millennials Are Offended By The New Monopoly For Millennials


Hasbro, the company behind the original game Monopoly has now released a new version of the board game called Monopoly For Millennials.

This rendition of the game is steeped in stereotypes. Players don’t buy up properties because what real millennial can afford a house, right? Instead, players buy “experiences” like going to the Vegan Bistro or crashing on their Friend’s Couch. Skip the Boardwalk in favour of a Week-Long Meditation Retreat!

To make it more awkward, whoever has the most debt rolls first. Check out Clownfish TV‘s unboxing below as well as a hilarious, breakdown of what’s like to play the game.

Introducing new Monopoly: Millennial Edition

“How are you supposed to buy properties?”“You don’t.”

Posted by The Feed SBS VICELAND on Monday, 22 October 2018

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