Millennial Immediately Recognizes F-List Celebrity from Youtube – Doesn’t Recognize She’s Also Surrounded by A-Listers.

Welcome to the future people. Gone are the days where celebrity status was reached on the red carpet, at Oscars or even in movies for that matter. And this video here is a testament to that.

The cast of the movie TAG (based on a true¬†story) have recently been making the PR rounds in light of the films upcoming release – which,¬†nowadays mostly involves spending time with online celebrities, on popular youtube shows, and with influencers. Ironic right? The cast joined Dave Portnoy of Barstool Pizza Reviews to, well, review a pizza in NYC when a passerby noticed Portnoy, the show’s host. Clearly excited and quite the fan of his pizza show, she joins in the review, completely unaware of the group of A-list stars she’s turning her back towards.

Fascinating and quite refreshing. Watch in full below.

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