Miley Cyrus takes hits from the bong

Ok so Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana just turned 18 a week or so back and many pervy guys and lesbos around the world rejoiced at the fact that she could now take a good um- walk in the park without risk of being locked up. At the same time she decided to let herself get video taped smashing a bong of this stuff called Salvia, a legal drug in California.

Funilly enough people arent even that bleak with Miley and instead are aiming pretty much all of their hate at Anna Oliver, the alleged videographer who captured Cyrus’s salvia suckage and subsequent spastic stoned babble to the point where she now had to shut her Twitter account down.

Here are some of the classiest tunes:

“What would you do if you met Anna Oliver? — Probably kick her teeth in.”

“We should find Anna Oliver and feed her to the lions!”

My personal view is that if you are going to do drugs and you’re famous make sure that you dont get caught on video, given that this is the age of Twitter.

Go Miley Go!!!

I guess its not suprising considering that when she was still busting moves as Hannah Montana this self shot picture surfaced on the internet…

Miley Cyrus… Party in the USA.

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