Mike Tyson follows Suarez on Twitter after biting incident


Sometimes people like Luis Suarez bite other people because, um, yeah I’ve got nothing here. I honestly don’t know how anybody could bite another human being as the result of getting frustrated by them, especially in the context of the football match. The dude is a really good

The craziest thing about all of this, next to the fact that this is the SECOND time Suarez has bitten somebody in a football (after the time he did it at Ajax and was banned for 7 games), is that hours after word of the incident started filtering through social media, a certain ear-biting sportsman followed Suarez’s Twitter account. Yes, that’s right – Iron Mike Tyson‘s verified Twitter account immediately followed Luis Suarez’s one in a bit to presumably exchange pleasantries around the act of biting motherfuckers.

At least Iron Mike digs you bro…

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  1. At the time of your posting

    Mike Tyson’s twitter profile : 3 664 999

    It would be cool to watch the next person that followed …

    3 665 000

    Anyhow …

    Love this part ” to presumably exchange pleasantries around the act of biting motherfuckers.”

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