Mike Tompkins brings the acapella heat


Over the weekend while at the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange I happened to hear a sneaky dance remix of Katy Perry’s Teenage dream that I thought wasnt half bad.

While trying to track the song down, a certain radio jock/very cool guy by the name of Chris Kolbe (KFM) who advised me to check out some stuff from a dude called Mike Tompkins on good ol Youtube- who just happened to have done a cover of that Katy Perry track along with current girl happy-making tune by Bruno Mars called Beautiful (educate yourselves boys- you wont be sorry). Get this though, he is really talented with his mouth (ha)- and he does every single sound in the entire 2 tunes with his mouth- hit hats, symbols, drums, the lot!

I thought it was pretty sick, especially how he breaks the different sounds down right at the end. Top notch stuff 🙂

Makes me think- I need to put some more shit on Youtube- maybe I’ll get 5.5million hits for trying sing a HHP tune infront of my PC while wearing a fairy outfit.

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