Mike Myers Has Been A Gameshow Host In Disguise For Six Months & Nobody Noticed

This is taking the prank to the next level! Mike Myers has been a gameshow host in disguise for six months & nobody noticed

Mike Myers has been famed for playing a host of really funny characters over the past two decades and has just pulled off, what was probably one the best pranks we’ve ever witnessed. As it turns out, Myers has been on American tv screens disguised as a 72 year old British presenter named Tommy Maitland on an amateur talent show called ‘The Gong Show’. ABC (network the show is on), really went in and even created a fake bio and social media accounts to help sell the prank:

Born on July 7, 1944, Thomas Winston Maitland (his middle name is a tribute to Winston Churchill) grew up in Neasden, GLC, Borough of Brent, where his father was an actuary and in the Merchant Marine and his mother was in the RAF.

After a failed stint as a pipe fitter’s apprentice, Tommy joined the British Army at the tender age of 15.

He later joined the Entertainment National Service Association (ENSA), where he got to know some of the UK’s biggest comedians.

He played the ukulele, told jokes and drummed (though he drummed badly), and he ended up hosting the show – a talent he would later be known for.

He was voted ENSA Entertainer of the Year, for which he was given a guarantee to appear on British radio.

He later worked as an announcer for the British radio show The Whosey Whats and got small roles in the Carry On films – either as the over anxious compart at a men’s club or the strict union pipe fitter.

Now that you read it, it does sound kind of odd. ABC has just announced that The Gong Show, will be coming back for a second season with the cat being let out of the bag with this statement from Mike Myers:

‘Being the host of The Gong Show is a blast! Pure fun. It is with great delight that I can finally admit that there is indeed a Tommy Maitland, and that I portray him.’

Check out the trailer for the show and see if you’d be able to spot that it was Mike Meyers like some super savvy Americans did:

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