Mieliepop 2013 kicks off the party season this November

Mieliepo general pictures

For all of you who are into hitting up the smaller outdoor events, you might think about checking out this year’s edition of Mieliepop, which will be taking place from the 1st of November till the 3rd of November 2013.

The venue is just two and half hours from Johannesburg/Pretoria at the magical Tolderia resort (Mpumalanga). Mieliepop has signed up ‘Men Without Hats’ as the headline act for this year’s event and those of you who are a fay with 80’s music, will remember this quirky and innovative band and their huge hits Safety Dance and Pop Goes the World. Their high-energy show will feature all these favorites as well as material from their 2012 album Love in the Age of War.

If you’re worried about the accommodation – you can also boo at Maizey Stray – the private tented camp, 5 minutes walk from the live entertainment.mieliepop Lineup


For more information contact Jani Roodt : 011 447 8283 or  Visit www.mieliepop.com

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