Microsoft Office and 5TB of storage FREE for all South Africans under 25

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South Africans under the age of 25 can now access the Microsoft Office suite and 5TB of online storage for free.

On Tuesday (30 June) Microsoft said that the offer (which initially launched in 2018) was part of its broader Digital Skills Hub. This hub is intended to ensure that “South Africans will be enabled to operate more effectively and competitively in the digital world”. allows people between the ages of 8 – 24 to sign up for Office 365. Through this portal, users will be able to activate MS licenses for the Microsoft Office 365 suite and 5TB OneDrive cloud-based storage services free of charge.

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Mahala, it says, “is expected to greatly enhance access to IT-aided education in South Africa”. The offer also comes with 5TB of online storage space on Microsoft’s OneDrive. The total price of these services is valued at R1,800.

How to sign up for

Signup requires an email address and a South African ID number to verify the user is between 8 and 24 years old and. Once approved, a user will be provided access to the Office 365 portal, where a licence for the MS Office 365 suite can be claimed, for use on virtually any computer or smartphone.

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