Michael McIntryre’s Send To All Prank With Danny Dyer Is Pure Gold

Danny Dyer becomes the latest celebrity to be pranked by Michael McIntryre's Send To All Prank (the responses from his contact list are hilarious)

I’m not exactly the hugest fan of Michael McIntyre but I’ve found myself watching his weekly show while looking for something else to get into, in terms of series. What’s especially good about the show is the Accidental Star of The Show skit and Send To All, which features the likes of Danny Dyer for this week. For those not in the know, Send To All involves McIntyre sending a prank text to everyone in a celebrity’s phonebook to see who replies with what – it’s super awks, which makes for great watching.

This one is super funny, simply because it’s Danny Dyer and everyone expects him to be completely nuts.

I mean that’s incredible, complete gold! Can’t believe how many people in his phonebook actually believed that it was true and that Danny Dyer was about to get knighted.

I’d never let anyone do this – people would absolutely destroy me.

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