Michael Jackson lives… as a SCARECROW!

Just when you thought that the King of Pop was gone forever, he comes back to earth in the form of a scarecrow (please hold back on the obvious jokes).

The rather interesting tribute to Michael Jackson was propped up in the middle of a vast green field in the Changhua County area by Lee Ping-hsing, a 30-year-old milk powder salesman. He said that the MJ scarecrows wearing things like the trademark black brogues and fedora hat plus the never-forgettable white sequined gloves stand proud in their “new stage,” armed with an ultimate objective: make the birds that peck around the crops beat it!

The idea for the odd tribute came from observing how his dad would go to the fields daily and chase birds away. Lee ended his inspirational description with – “And I thought, since Michael is good at ‘grabbing his bird,’ I’m inviting him to grab ours,”. Right.

Its definitely the first time I’ve heard the phrase ‘grabbing his bird’… maybe that shit will catch on… Or maybe not.

This just confirms that most people living in Asia are nuts.

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