Michael Bay fails miserably as spokesperson at Samsung’s new TV launch

michael-bay samsung event

Although Michael Bay is a pretty good director, he clearly has not been blessed with the ability to do live events, as evidenced by his recent failure at the launch of Samsung’s brand new ultra high definition television called, The Curve (it’s a curved TV). The event fail took place at the Consumer Electronics Show Las Vegas and showed that it’s not always the best idea to get named celebrities to promote a product in front of a live audience.

What started out as a pretty decent attempt by Bay to promote the new TV aimed at bringing ultra high definition that lends itself to this grand action style of movie (like Transformers) to the small screen and the masses, quickly went awry when Samsung’s executive VP, Joe Stinziano started asking him a few questions and he let everyone know that the teleprompter was busted but that he would be “winging it”. Shortly after winging it and going down in flames he made a hasty exit later apologising on his blog with this statement:

‘Wow! I just embarrassed myself at CES. I rarely lend my name to any products, but this one is just stellar. I got so excited to talk, that I skipped over the Exec VP’s intro line and then the teleprompter got lost. Then the prompter went up and down – then I walked off. I guess live shows aren’t my thing’.

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