Mia Khalifa teaches virgin how to have sex with the help of a blowup doll

mia khalifa

For the uninitiated, Mia Khalifa is the number 1 rated pornstar on global porn network Pornhub who always has her fans close to her heart. She’ll always try to go the extra mile and her intense love for her fans is quite apparent in this SFW video, which involves her answering a letter from a virgin fan who had been looking for a few pointers before doing the deed himself, popping his metaphorical cherry.

Luckily for this fan Mia Khalifa went one step further and decided to invite him around for a few tips and tricks, using a blowup doll to explain what she meant without actually having sex with anyone. It’s really awkward viewing at the best of times.

Yay for porn and the internet right? 😐


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