Men in Black 3 Official Trailer

Yesterday saw the release of the first Official trailer for “Men in Black III”, putting an end to what is almost a 10 year wait since we last got to experience the escapades of Agent J & K.

I quite enjoyed the last two installments of the MIBs and their neurolizers and judging from the trailer, we’re all in for more of the same action-comedy with crazy aliens, one-liners and massive guns that make cool noises. From what I’ve read the plot involves time travel, which allows Josh Brolin to play a younger version of Tommy Lee Jones (the guy is getting a little old for all of the stunts) as most of the movie is set in 1969. I can’t wait to see Will Smith bring back the same killer humour to the character of J and see exactly where this big budget movie ends up.

The movie will be released in the US on May 25, 2012.


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