Meet Noodle Bae – The Internet’s Next Biggest Superstar

Meet Noodle Bae - The Internet's Next Biggest Superstar

noodle bae

While we’ve all been reveling in the awesomeness that is Sale Bae, a guy by the name of Chengdu from China has been winning over the adoration of people across the internet for his noodle-making skills, leading to him gaining the nickname of Noodle Bae. The internet’s new favourite chef has some mad skills when it comes to the process of making and cooking of noodles and in the video below can be seen finessing his food prep in the same way that made Salt Bae so popular:

Even though Salt Bae is probably somewhat more of a ladies’ man, you can’t ignore the fact that this guy really has some impressive skills and that it’s probably far more difficult to get the Noodle Bae technique right. Have you got similar skills in the kitchen – will you be the internet’s next Bae? Drop us a message so we can showcase some of those skills.

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