Meet Baby Hashtag Jameson (yes the child’s name is Hashtag)

In the biggest what the eff news of the week some poor little girl has been named Hashtag by her folks. The little girl was born on Saturday into a family who can only be assumed to be crazy. This unfortunate naming incident is the latest in a series of weird name debacles, including one were an Egyptian was named Facebook just a few months back.

Obviously Twitter blew up with some loving the name and others, predictably making snide remarks. To date no-one has established whether this is just another internet hoax or even a rather unfortunate typo in a Facebook status. I really hope it’s the latter- could you imagine how kak the kid’s life is going to be in like 10 years when Twitter isn’t cool anymore. I can already hear the bullies chanting- “Hashtag this wedgie in your ass”. Dark days people. Dark days.

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