Meet Ahmed Angel – the most beautiful man on Earth?


This a clear example of why we can’t have nice things as humans – the internet has really just been getting weirder by the day. This guy’s name is Ahmed Angel and he (I’m really just hoping he isn’t a tranny by making this sweeping statement) is an 18-year-old Iraqi medical student who has taken quite a liking to taking pictures of himself and posting them on the internet for all to see.

Apart from his obvious great hair and flawless skin, he’s pretty handy with photoshop as well (as evidenced by the flying doves in the picture below), which is probably the reason so many people from around the World are showing him love… obviously. With his Facebook account full of album names like ‘The most beautiful face ever’ and ‘Very HOT!’ there really are no bounds to his humility.


Ahmed’s bio reveals a little bit more about the aspiring part time model, highlighting his creativity and intellect as strong characteristics backing up his deadly good looks. He frowns upon smoking or drinking and has even thanked everyone for their support in making him famous in his latest Facebook update (what a guy!). Obviously his page has now become more interesting than Ahmed himself with people trolling him from near and far with amazing comments like: ‘It’s your planet. Thank you for allowing us to live on it’. If you’d like to oggle some more pics/send messages of support and praise to Ahmed you can check out his Facebook page over here.



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  1. He has beautiful eyes, but sadly he doesn’t have that ‘manly’ touch and is way too full of himself. Brains yes, but beauty with photoshop is definitely not cool.

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