Meat free Mondays DON’T get you laid

By now you would have heard about Meat Free Mondays and the idea that by abstaining from eating meat on a Monday you’ll somehow save the planet… Well here’s a thought (GUYS TAKE NOTE)

In a recent study it was proven that mooiness view guys that eat meat as more manly than their vegan or vegetarian counterparts. Men who don’t chow the occasional steak are seen as wimpy and less macho than those who like wolfing down a fat slice of slow roasted beef – even by women who do not eat meat themselves.

Researcher Dr Steven Heine, of the University of British Columbia, told Appetite journal that meat and men have always gone hand in hand.

“Meat has been closely associated with power and privilege – a staple for gentry and a  rare treat for the peasants,” he said. (yes he did actually refer to people as peasants)

“Through abstaining from meat, a widely established symbol of power, status and masculinity, it seems the vegetarian man is perceived as more principled, but less manly, than his omnivorous counterpart.”.

In this particular study researchers gave hundreds of young men and women descriptions of fictional students varying only according to diet, and asked them to rate aspects of their personalities.

The vegetarian made up characters were seen as being more virtuous. Further research also indicated that men who do not eat meat were also viewed as less masculine than the others – even by vegetarians.

So maybe think twice about your choice to be healthy or kind to the environment or whatever if you’re keen to really lure the mooiness into having more than just a conversation with you. I’m just saying…

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  1. You assume that masculine = attractive…. to a lot of people compassion and intelligence = attractive, and certainly for me I would not date a meat-eater… its also ironic that meat and dairy are positively associated with erectile dysfunction… so eat your steak, you might fail to get it up after though! vegans also …erm, taste a lot better ;-P

  2. Haha.. I can see how viewing meat eaters as more masculine can be construed as a popular opinion, because of the perceived culture that goes along with meat eating… but question is… is masculine necessarily better? (And thus, do women necessarily go for more masculine men?)

    1. I think that’s a whole different post altogether- I’d like to think that it’s a bit of mix- like masculine is good when you need to kill a bug or prevent a young child being run over by a heavily drunk paedophile truck driver.

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