Meat Free Mondays at IYO Burgers on Bree [WIN A R2,000 HAMPER]

Win a R1,500 veggie take-home pack with IYO burgers, MyCityByNight & Meat Free Mondays.

Let’s talk plainly – A really good veggie/vegan burger can be hard to find. There are a few good options in the Mother City, and since its #meatfreemondays, we’re exploring our favourite one!

IYO Burgers has all their veggie/vegan burgers on 2-4-1 EVERY MONDAY – 12PM-10PM!

Here are the options:

The Health Nut:

An aubergine, flax seed & sweet potato patty, first roasted and then dehydrated* and then stuffed with cashew nuts. Topped with pickled butternut, avo, wild rocket, alfalfa sprouts, hummus & vegan cashew mayo

*Going the dehydration route retains as many nutrients as possible while drying the veggies out into patties!

The Hell-o-Portobello:

A slow roasted portobello mushroom as the patty, filled with thyme, garlic and feta cheese. Topped with confit red & yellow peppers, wild rocket and basil mayo

The #Eazi Halloumi:

Crumbed halloumi patty, topped with IYO cucumber & onion pickle, shredded iceberg lettuce, hummus, IYO Mayo.

Which one are YOU?  And the question we’re stuck with now is…. Bun or bunless? 🙂


Win a take-home hamper worth R2,000 of all things veggie/vegan from IYO Burgers 🙂

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  1. look, from experience i can talk you that this anaconda want some regardless of whether or not there are buns, hun! if i’m not feeling too hungry, i go bunless, but in my heart i want them buns!

  2. Bun! It’s not a burger unless you can hold it and squeeze it and bite into it. Leave your knife and fork for your salad and mushroom steak 😉

  3. Bun…asseblief! Why have I never had their veggie burgers before? Well, I learn something new every day!

  4. BUNLESS all the way! Your Burgers are the bombdigity. Hands down thee best veg burger in Cape Town.

  5. BUN 🍔 I don’t even feel a little bit bad about those carbs, even though I probably should.

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