MCQP competition & final details :)

The organisers of MCQP have decided to put a ridiculous amount of effort into turning the country’s biggest themed costume party in a carnival that is going to rival the likes of Rio’s super famous jol! They’ve managed to secure the Cape Town Stadium as the venue for what is definately going to be a party of epic proportions.

How exactly are they going to do this??? Well:

On the 15 of December 2010 Cape Town Stadium and all those who choose to rock the fanwalk and vibe like it was the Rio Carnival decked out in the “Flower Power” themed garb will be privy to a Mother City Queer Project like never before-

There will be 9 different areas:

  • The Mercedes Benz, Red Bull “Red Carpet” Entrance,
  • A main house dance floor,
  • A 70’s Dedicated Disco dance floor,
  • A live bandstand stage hosting, among others, Flash Republic from Johannesburg,
  • A Gay Anthems Caberet dance floor,
  • An X factor – Live stage,
  • A dedicated Smokers Lounges,
  • Chill out lounges and wine bars,
  • A VIP Lounge with dedicated parking, entertainment, snacks and loads of bubbly,
  • And – another first – a Hippie psy-trance dance floor (Kreg, you must be stoked).


VIP ticket holders will be treated to full access to all areas, secure parking underneath the stadium, a Mercedes Benz drop off at the red carpet entrance and a exclusive VIP area with its own dance floor, snacks, bars, entertainment and toilets. (They are really going all out this year for VIP after there were reports that last years VIP experience simply didnt cut it! I was one of those reporting that it sucked, hehe)


This was taken from the MCQP press pack-

‘There’s so much to celebrate this year,’ MCQP director, Ian McMahon adds. ‘As well as hosting the best ever World Cup in our brand new perlemoen-shaped stadium, we also celebrate 150 years of flower sales at the Adderley street flower sellers market and commemorate the 40th anniversary of the half a million people who descended on Max Yasgur’s dairy farm in Bethel, New York for the Woodstock Festival – so there’s lots to feel flowery about. And what better way to celebrate than a trip down memory lane to the sixties theme, Summer of Love.’

Now in its seventeenth year, the MCQP have played a huge role in putting SA on the pink tourist map with 31% of last year’s attendees coming from out of Cape Town and 12% abroad. This year’s bigger and better venue will help push the event close to Sydney Mardi Gras and Rio Carnival status and set the stage for the stadium’s long-term post-World Cup goal of becoming the premier destination in South Africa for sports, cultural, music, entertainment and community events. The involvement of the City of Cape Town in securing the venue and Cape Town Tourism with funding and marketing is also indicative of the value that the City places on the festival.

Tickets are on sale for R220 for general entry and R400 for VIP and are available from Computicket and selected venues around town.


For more information, contact Lenina Rassool on 021 593 4086, 082 266 1398 or

MCQP Office – 021 461 1645

In addition you can check out-

*An area with a romantic feel (think umbrellas, fairy lights, trees)
*Food areas, from hot dogs to cupcakes to lovely restaurant-style stuff
*There will be a stage dedicated to divas- look a likes (super talented drag queens) playing the roles of Madonna, Kylie Minogue etc
*Prive suites – R10 000 for 20 people, free alcohol, snacks,security guard and freedom to do WHATEVER they want in there 😉
*Huge inflatables everywhere (think dragons, cartoons etc)
*Some of totally awesome sponsors like Mercedes Benz, SAB, Brandhouse, Distell, Jagermeister, Century City Red Bull, Smirnoff and Absolute

Now for the competition bit:

If you’re keen to go and check out this years Flower Power carnival style MCQP at the Cape Town Stadium courtesy of MyCityByNight and the organisers-  just leave a comment on this post and we’ll do a random draw in which 5 of you lucky readers will be checking out the event free of charge.

Im going dressed as a hippy- go figure.

Winners will be announced closer to the event… BOOOOOM!

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    1. well gurl, when you win you had better come flaunt your stuff on the Gay Anthems Cabaret dance floor! good luck.. (:

  1. The raddest djs are playing and its in that amazing stadium of ours,so its a once in a lifetime opportunity. Please can I have a ticket,I’m even working the next day and still totally willing to go with a hangover or just dirt tired from having the raddest party ever

  2. To the team at MY CT BY Night, thank you for running this competition, my girlfriend has been nagging and nagging for me to go out and buy her tickets for MCQP, and now maybe I’ll have a chance of winning a set. I will officially be the best boyfriend in the world if I win these tickets! Thank you for the great site xoxo

  3. This years MCQP is going to be Legend cos it will be my first. It will be Cape Towns most Epic Event at the world’s most Famous Stadium and No.1 top tourist destnaton the Mothe City of course. This is the perfect way to end 2010 i cant freaking wait!!!!!

      1. Overcooked Xmas party and a trip to Bronx ensured a 6am trip home to avoid Arniston!

  4. Can’t wait for MCQP! Just stuck for a creative idea of what to wear!

    1. Hey Liezel, nice to see the famoous logging on to MCBN 😀
      Go as one of the Woodstock groupies for The Rolling Stones, a dealer or as a hippy (although there maybe loads of these already, and not even cos they trying to be), or even dress up as a flower!
      I’m planning to wear a sunflower costume 😀 ahhhh sweet!
      Either way, see you there for the paaaaartaaaaay!

  5. Helo, I have never been to an event like this, always wanted too be apart of such a vibrant an bright crowd having a ball of a time, an this seems too be what I need. Flower Power is an even better excuse for me too embrass the colourful person that I am, Please choose me!

  6. Ricky,

    I’ll see your hippy costume and raise you bodypaint.

    Yes, I know that flower power and poker have nothing to do with each other. Shhh, just go with it.

  7. If I don’t win this competition it’s gonna be a real drag. Pick me! Pick me! You know you wanna…

  8. duuuuuuuuuudddddde….the power of the flowers is totally with me. Summer of love here I come:)

  9. Would LOOOOOOOVE to go to MCQP!!!! Would be my first time….. how we love the first time!!!! 🙂

  10. OOOOHHHHHH please give it to me (IM NOT GAY) but i wanna be as cool as they are and i wanna dance like no ones watching and i wanna dress up and do cartwheels and eat dinosaurs all night long!

  11. I believe ill be “THE rose” amoungest the thorns at this years MCQP!!! bring on the flowe power or flower-power-puff girls!

  12. Yay for the Flower Power! Yay for the 60’s! And yay for the dress up! Free Love!

  13. Awesome!!! So glad I get a chance to at least win tickets this year! Seems like a really awesome initiative and a great time to party!

  14. wow, would so love a free ticket! My friend won 2 and I am dying to go as well! I am dressing up like BARBARELLA and really wana be there!
    I just love the sixties, especially lava lamps, mood rings and the peace sing yip yip yip! Please throw a free ticket at me – I will make you proud! ;)))))

  15. a new month a new competition to win. 🙂 I wonder how the MCBN guys are gone look in their outfits. I recon that would make an excellent poll for the best Mother City Queer outfit

    1. @Morne- wow dude, I have to pick wisely… These photos will be up on the internet & I will probably regret them at some point in my life. Like when I run for mayor of Cape Town 😉

  16. So keen to dress up and see some of my fam dam there 🙂 been trying to get free tickets everywhere but to no avail 🙂 hopefully this works!! 😀

  17. as a gay person and speech for them and fight for them I should be their

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