MCQP 2010 Review

I was fairly excited when the theme for this year’s MCQP was announced to be “Flower Power”… This meant that I would have the opportunity to dress up like a hippy or blossom (because you all know this has been a lifelong desire of mine).

As MCQP grew closer I realised that I hadnt yet gone out to get an outfit for the event causing me to panic and go costume shopping. In that crazy panic I bought a blonde wig that cost R25, probably not the best idea I’ve had… I basically looked like a trailor trash version of a prostitute- a little like Britney Spears if you will.

Luckily an uber mooiness by the name of Stacey let me borrow a flower pin to go with my ridiculously low cut 60’s/70’s style hippy top and whispy scarf- thus saving the day. Add a little bit of lumo flower face-paint and I was ready to rock the socks off of MCQP.

When I arrived at the venue I was rather stoked to find that all the VIP ticket holders were allowed to park underneath the Cape Town Stadium for super easy access to the venue. While walking to the actual stadium I happened to glance over at the side of the beautiful structure to notice a couple of brightly coloured rooms and a disco ball or 2.

Let me just say- what a freaking venue!!! MCQP pretty much just uncovered and explored the possibility of using the Cape Town Stadium as an uber cool venue for massive parties… With a bit of exploring I found out that there were over a zillion dancefloors each with its own feel. No prizes for guessing that the two most popular floors were the disco one and super rave rushme tigerbalm capital floor.

The stairs were killer for the boys and girls that decided to wear heels for the night with my legs hurting quite a bit the next day from trapsing up and down to the different floors and levels (and no I wasnt wearing heels). I think that this was pretty much the first year where the crowd in attendance was pretty much split down the middle with regards to gay and straight. Everybody- kept pretty close to costume party and dressed up to the nines. The event even saw the a reveal of the brand new sa design inspired Gay Flag- it was colourful.

The security was friendly and very helpful and the organisers had ensured that were can services available for all of the patrons to use to get home safe and sound.

What a freaking awesome night- I jammed fairly hard and felt like I was in Romeo & Juliet (you know, the big party one) for just one night. Definately going next year- those gays know how to party.

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    1. @jeanne – I had such a good time!!! Everyone was there to have a super cool time- proper hedonism. I’ve never seen so many guys and girls sing Bruno Mars at one time 🙂

  1. Bleak I couldn’t make it this year – went last year and it was mental.

    I heard that the venue wasn’t as rocking as last time – the fact it was so massive, it took a while to wander round and find things, and to meet up with mates. Biscuit Mill last year was a goodie.

    But nice to know that there are always party venue options around!

  2. The party was good fun! Although it really would have been nice to have A LOT more signage around the venue. Trying to find people in that place was a joke. Sooo many dancefloors, which is a fantastic idea, but at least tell us which dance floor it is?! “Im on the 4th floor and there is some green tinsel hanging from the ceiling” “Oh well im also on the 4th floor, i just have NO idea where i am! ” FAIL. VIP was a fail too, took me 2 hrs to find the place scurreled around the side of god knows what floor, and it consisted of a small room with a stainless steel bar. Then i got raped by the bartender for R100 for 3 tequilas!

    Nevertheless is was good fun, when you managed to find the people you came with! Music was good! That stadium has some seriaas potential, it just needs to be slightly better organized…

    1. Must agree with you Karel- more signage would have been a win!! Also the VIP experience could definately have been a whole lot more awesome. Seems like peeps still have a long way to go when differentiating between the various tickets available

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